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Not Worried
Having a CareAlert system set up I am not worried about leaving mom alone now that I will get the call right away if she falls or is feeling sick etc. Thank you for giving us an alternative to the other expensive systems and thank you for the peace of mind. - Adam, Burlington, VT

Works Great!
My colleague has trialed the system, and it works great. She only has one (assisted living) site, I have 4. I will be getting the unit from her next week. I believe she was purchasing a quantity of units. She thinks your system is great!! - V, Southern Ontario

Peace of Mind
Just received your delivery notice and we are currently setting this unit up. Will have it ready to test with a respond person tomorrow and we wish to thank you for having this product available. I am still able to travel but my husband does not want to and I worry leaving him alone in our house. I will go with peace of mind on this trip. - Marion, Mississauga, ON

So Easy to Set Up
The unit arrived today and is everything and more than I expected. Everything is in the box that was required and it was so easy to set up. I almost purchased a similar product and it was $200.00 more expensive than yours and yet it was so complicated. I'm glad I found yours online. Your product has certainly won me over. THANK YOU - Graeme, Hamilton, ON

To the rescue after all these years
I bought 2 Care Alert Systems for a friend and my dad about 3 years ago. In August 2009, Dad became suddenly ill and was unable to get out of bed and so he triggered the pendant. As a result of the shock call from the Care Alert after 3 years, all 4 stored numbers were called and all the assistance he could ever want was on its way. Even though 2 members were several hundred kilometers away at the time it meant no difference to the assistance they could arrange. The Care Alert worked a treat. He is now home from hospital and while there, the staff tried to interest him in a monitored system and he gladly informed them he had a ZERO monitoring cost Care Alert System and it worked just fine. Thank you for a great cost effective system which allows him to stay in the comfort of his family home and continues to give us all peace of mind. - John R, Calgary, AB

Excellent product
Congratulations - and thank you - for developing a brilliant, ingenious and vital product which is obviously providing great comfort and relief for Care Alert Smart Dialer owners and their loved ones!! - Marilyn, Halifax, NS

Wonderful Invention
We are so impressed by the service we have received. I helped Mom order the CareAlert Smart Dialer last Thursday night, and it arrived first thing the following Monday. We have programmed and tested it and found it easy to do. Now Mom and I both have peace of mind. We can't get over what an amazing little machine it is! Thankyou so much for this wonderful invention. - Olive, Toronto, ON

No More Stress
My nephew has purchased a CareAlert for my brother as a Father's Day gift and it is installed and working. The stress level in our family is considerably reduced and my brother feels much safer. Many thanks for your product - it has certainly given us some peace of mind. - Carolyn, Ottawa, ON

Exceptional Client Service
I would like to thank your company for your excellent client service after recently experiencing difficulties ordering online with my new credit card. Your efforts to assist me were excellent and very much appreciated. I certainly look forward to putting my CareAlert Smart Dialer to good use. - Helen, Victoria, BC

Occ Health & Safety
We are using the Smart Dialers and Pendants as safety and security devices at our various offices. We have several offices that are staffed by only one person, and in the past we have had a couple of incidences occur where some type of security alert device could have been useful. We investigated several options and found that the Carealert system was the most simple to use and program, as well as being cost effective. It provides a fast and efficient security service and suits our needs. It also gives peace of mind to the wearer knowing that contact can be made for a variety of reasons from security thru to medical emergencies. - Alan, Lucindale Council SA

Confidence and Wellbeing
I must admit that at first I was a little sceptical of the value of this dialer over and above the more expensive monitored units that are readily available. However I am now convinced that the CareAlert Smart Dialer is a cut above the others in the way it works and the fact that it doesn't have any on-going costs associated with it, certainly makes it an attractive alternative. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who simply wants to enjoy a feeling of confidence and wellbeing.
- David, Cairns QLD

My husband suffered a debilitating stroke 10 years ago and has been confined to a wheelchair. With the installation of our CareAlert Smart Dialer, I am able to leave him on his own at home while I do the shopping etc. The fact that I'm saving money on monitoring fees but still have a great system of being alerted if assistance is required by my husband is certainly real peace of mind. - Margaret, St. Catherines, ON

No Expensive Monitoring Costs
My elderly mother lives on her own, and after looking around for a suitable dialer help system, I settled on the CareAlert Smart Dialer because of its quality and the fact that there are no annoying expensive on-going monitoring fees. It works perfectly and its great for me to know (as well as for mom) that help is as close as pushing the buttons on her remote control pendant. - Joy, Oshawa, ON

Prompt Delivery
After checking the credentials of the CareAlert Smart Dialer on your website I decided to order one, because I live in isolation on a farm. I was most impressed with the prompt delivery of the product and the ease in which I could program it. I do feel much safer with my CareAlert dialer in my home and would certainly recommend them to anyone wanting peace of mind at a relatively low cost. - P, Oyen, AB

Personal Phone Numbers
I am remaining totally interested in your system over the more conventional "monitored" alternatives as I can program in personal phone numbers, leaving 911 as a last resort. Steve

Client Very Happy
Thank you very much for your quick response. Just received postal card to pick up a package...will make a client very happy and relief to family. Jane, Ottawa

Hospital Discharge Success
Thanks for the fast delivery. When Mum came out of hospital I was able to set up the CareAlert immediately. It gives us so much peace of mind. Thank you! - Gina, Sault Ste Marie, ON


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