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Care Alert Smart Dialer - Makes a great gift for your loved one!No monthly monitoring fees or contracts ever!

  • Family and friends or even a neighbour of your choice can be notified immediately when you need assistance. Up to five phone numbers of your choice including 911 can be easily programmed into the Smart Dialer and these numbers can be changed at anytime.
  • Ideal for those who wish to remain longer in their own comfortable home environment or in a retirement residence.
  • The pendant is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bath
  • The pendant also has a "nurse-call" button for in-house assistance
  • The pendant has an excellent transmitting range of approximately 50 metres or 150 feet
  • Can be programmed and ready to operate within 15 minutes. Easy to follow instructions. You record your own personal message into the Smart Dialer (including code and whereabouts of your Key Safe Lock - if you have one.
  • The Smart Dialer knows if your call for assistance is "live" answered and allows for "two-way" communication with the recipient of the call
  • The Smart Dialer can operate silently or in the alarm mode
  • Each Smart Dialer has its own unique code so it will not interfere with any other nearby Smart Dialer
  • Ideal for all manner of applications, including the elderly, retirement and nursing homes, convalescing patients, physically impaired persons, isolated living and businesses, etc.
  • Safe, easy and efficient means of ordering over the internet with guaranteed delivery to your door
  • The Smart Dialer package comes complete with waterproof remote pendant, rechargeable battery back-up in case of power failure, phone cable, wristband and necklace
  • Built to the highest quality control standards
  • Passes all necessary Canadian and US standards
  • Backed by a company with over 25 successful years of business in the field of home safety


Questions? Please contact us at: 1-416-801-3274

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