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"We realized that North Americans needed a reliable, simple to use emergency dialer system that would not have a high price nor require any monthly monitoring fees or contracts. The Smart Dialer was the perfect solution."

CareAlert Products co-founder, Christine Beard, was looking for a suitable communication product to assist her aging mother who wanted to retain her independence and remain in her own home. She realized that for her mother to feel confident at home and to give her peace of mind that she needed an easy and reliable method of communicating with people in the event of an emergency or other need. Her research revealed that most available emergency systems on the market had very expensive monthly monitoring fees and other costs attached to them. She realized that during an emergency her mother would be hesitant to speak with a complete stranger who would then try to contact relatives or friends to go and check on her. Not satisfied with the existing products and options available in Canada and North America she continued to seek other solutions and discovered the Smart Dialer, a proven solution widely used and recommended in Australia.

The Smart Dialer was designed by Mr. Mike Steele, a successful award winning Australian businessman with over 25 years experience in the home safety business including winning the coveted Australia Day Award. Mr. Steele launched the first Smart Dialer in Australia in 2003 and users have raved about it ever since.

Mr. Steele agreed to work with us to bring the Smart Dialer to North America insisting that his high standards of quality, reliability and integrity be maintained by CareAlert Products Inc. and that the Smart Dialer purchasing process be a very easy, user friendly and completely secure system by which to order over the internet or by phone. Since its release the CareAlert Smart Dialer has offered many thousands of people real peace of mind without the high price. It is also the choice of many private and government care agencies, including retirement residences and hospitals.


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